Safety and security of shipping livestock materials

The Safety & Security Facets of Shipping Livestock Materials

Biosecurity and herd health go hand in hand for all livestock species. As explained in a video from the 2022 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show, evaluating your biosecurity plan typically considers factors such as animal movement, entrance and exit operations, and other touchpoints your herd encounters on the day-to-day. However, biosecurity extends to every facet of your operation, including cryogenic shipping of genetics or veterinary medicine.

Cryoport Systems knows that ensuring the quality and integrity of your shipment is an important factor. When transporting and storing materials that need to be maintained under exacting environmental conditions, there isn’t room for risk or error. Shipping with Cryoport Systems means that you have access to the industry’s best technical resources in engineering, design, and logistics. By delivering key business differentiators and risk mitigation processes, our experts support your distribution needs for materials that are critical to your business and herd health. Take a look at some of the different facets of our cryogenic shipping processes that highlight how our specific services keep your materials’ safety and security in mind.

Shipping Lane Validation

Cryoport’s shipping lane validation proactively determines and addresses threats that could negatively impact biological products during transportation. This information is compiled in a quality technical report that our Quality Team uses to develop and execute a Validation Protocol utilizing real test shipments on your shipping lanes.


Cryoport System’s Veri-Clean is the industry’s first and only validated cleaning and disinfecting process. Each shipper and stainless steel accessory undergoes our Veri-Clean process after every use to decontaminate the shipper and render it safe for your materials. This important step sets us apart from our competitors as no other supply chain logistics company sanitizes their equipment after every use. Our cleaning methodology uses a multi-purpose reagent that can eliminate bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Our Veri-Clean procedures take place at a third-party accredited laboratory and will adhere to the best biosecurity practices by:

  • Reducing external contaminants by 99.9999%
  • Verifying that no environmental flora are present
  • Confirming the shipper is free from protein and hemoglobin

End-to-End Support

With every shipment, Cryoport Systems’ support team ensures that you’re comfortable using our products and systems. Our team consults with clients on their needs from the start, gathering information on their shipping requirements in order to identify the best products and accessories needed to safely and efficiently ship the materials. Once an order is placed, Cryoport Systems’ assistance doesn’t stop there. Unlike other cold chain logistics partners, we offer end-to-end support with our Intelligent Logistics solutions comprised of technology such as the Cryoportal® Logistics and Live View™ Display. Intelligent Logistics gives clients round-the-clock customer support and care with start-to-finish tracking capabilities as well as visibility into every step of the shipping process. These offerings set us apart from our competitors and help clients to ensure that the shipped materials have been handled with care throughout the entire journey.

SOPs and Documentation for Sites

Similar to our training / onboarding services, Cryoport Systems will ensure you feel confident in utilizing our products and services. We provide standardized SOPs and documentation to help you establish a quality system for every shipment.

Our SOPs and documentation will supply information on the utility of our products and services such as:

  • Cryoportal® Logistics Management Platform – The Cryoportal is our robust logistics management platform that provides 24/7/365 visibility into the entire temperature-controlled shipment process.
  • Cryoport Express® Shippers – Our Express Shippers are the most advanced storage and shipping containers available on the market that can minimize the risks of temperature excursions to your materials.
  • SmartPak II™ Condition Monitoring System – Cryoport Systems’ SmartPak II is included in every shipper and monitors key aspects of the shipping process that could affect the quality and/or timing of delivery such as pressure, temperature, shock, and more.

Cryoport Systems works to mitigate shipment risk and ensure the quality of your materials. When it comes to herd health, our systems promote safety and security by adhering to the highest industry standards within the animal health industry.

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