Veri-Clean®: The First and Only Validated Cleaning & Disinfection Process in the Reproductive Medicine Supply Chain Industry

Shipper cleanliness and taking necessary precautions to protect your patients’ valuable commodities from environmental contaminants is a top priority at Cryoport Systems. As scientific leaders, we took a validated approach to confirm that our shippers are indeed the cleanest in the industry. Following our design and validation of our process, Cryoport Systems implemented a first-of-its-kind validated cleaning and disinfection methodology, Veri-Clean®, as part of our robust requalification process.

On average, a Cryoport Express® shipper that was returned to our facility had between 500 to 1,000 colony forming units (CFUs) of microbial contamination. With our validated cleaning procedure, Veri-Clean® virtually eliminates the risk of cross-contamination of all Cryoport Express® cryo-shippers and stainless-steel accessories accumulated during normal use. Our proprietary, validated cleaning methodology utilizes a broad-spectrum reagent effective as a bactericide, fungicide, and virucide, including the human coronavirus. The Veri-Clean® process reduces external contaminants such as typical microbial floral accumulated during transport on all equipment by 99.9999% and is fully validated by an independent, accredited laboratory. The Veri-Clean® cleaning process is performed on every Cryoport Systems’ shipper prior to assignment to an order, ensuring its utmost cleanliness for its next use.

The Veri-Clean® process is implemented at all Cryoport Systems Global Logistics and Supply Chain Centers, and is supported in the reproductive medicine, biopharmaceutical, and animal health markets. Cryoport Systems is dedicated to risk mitigation and traceability to protect your patients’ precious and valuable materials before, during, and after shipment. As industry leaders with over 10 years of IVF shipping experience, we are confident that your patients’ valuable commodities are in safe (and very clean) hands.

A family is waiting. For the care and transfer of your patients’ most precious cargo, Trust Cryoport. To learn more about Veri-Clean®, click here or watch the video below.


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