Tec4med: The Newest Addition to Cryoport’s Team

Cryoport Systems is part of a nexus of supply chain solutions companies all under Cryoport, Inc. The other business units, CRYOGENE, CRYOPDP, and MVE Biological Solutions, all play a part in providing our robust temperature-controlled supply chain offerings. As the life sciences industry is constantly evolving, Cryoport, Inc. is also evolving to meet the needs of our clients.   

In late 2023, we announced the acquisition of Tec4med into Cryoport Systems. Tec4med is an important organization that furthers our ability to lead the industry in temperature-controlled transport systems. Let’s discuss Tec4med and how this acquisition will bolster Cryoport Systems’ platform of supply chain services.  

About Tec4med 

Cryoport Systems acquired Tec4med in November of 2023. Tec4med brings an established foundation of products that support the life sciences. Tec4med was founded in 2017 by Nico Höler and Julian Poths as a technology spin-off from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. Situated in the Frankfurt area, a global logistics hub for the pharmaceutical industry, Tec4med provides next-generation pharmaceutical supply chain visibility by integrating condition monitoring, cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Tec4med works with pharmaceutical-compliant, ready-to-use devices and intuitive easy-to-use software, offering customer-specific integrations to meet the rigorous standards of each individual client.  

Tec4med’s tracking eco-system encompasses: 

  • Digital unity of all processes and seamless data streams for total transparency. 
  • Plug & Play hardware and a user-friendly software infrastructure. 
  • Time and cost savings through full automation of the supply chain. 
  • Optimization of the supply chain through intelligent data use and predictive analytics. 
  • Fully certified pharma grade processes. 
Tec4med’s Expansive Devices 

Tec4med’s tracking technology includes several devices that enable end-to-end supply chain visibility. With optimization powered by AI, their set of solutions include the following: 

  1. Tec4Cloud/Tec4App – A logistics dashboard for shipment, warehouse, and fleet monitoring with a full mobile integration.
  2. Beacon Series – A BLE condition monitoring device that tracks parameters such as temperature, shock, and humidity in near real-time.
  3. SmartTag – A full real-time condition monitoring device with a worldwide scope.
  4. SmartHub – A gateway for modular sensor extension and standalone real-time condition monitoring solution supporting hyper-accurate geo-positioning and with an EINK display for electronic shipment labels.
  5. SmartLock – Electronic and remotely controlled lock and condition monitoring device integrated into passive parcel shippers for full chain of custody, including hyper-accurate geo-positioning and EINK display for electronic shipment labels.
  6. PassiveSystems – Multi and single-use shippers that include both high and standard-performance options and that are fully integrated and validated with Tec4med’s condition monitoring devices. 

These devices all work as stand-alone products or can be combined into the full eco-system. The company is ISO 9001-certified, and they measure their products against the highest pharmaceutical standards.  

Tec4med + Cryoport  

Tec4med’s proficiencies go hand-in-hand with Cryoport’s leading legacy of temperature-controlled supply chain solutions. The integration of Tec4med onto the Cryoport team expands the organization’s reach. Jerrell Shelton, CEO of Cryoport, Inc., detailed how Tec4med will expand upon the company’s proficiencies in a press release about the acquisition. 

“The acquisition of Tec4med is an important step for us in broadening our portfolio of condition monitoring solutions, fostering new product development and accelerating European market expansion, particularly in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland),” said Shelton. “By integrating Tec4med’s innovative solutions and services across Cryoport’s family of companies, we will also expand our digital supply chain solutions offerings for the life sciences industry and provide our global clients even greater condition monitoring system options, logistics management capabilities, and customer support.” 

Tec4med will not only add to our platform of services but will also support Cryoport’s established condition monitoring system abilities. Mark Sawicki, CEO of Cryoport Systems and CSO of Cryoport, Inc., explained the importance of merging the technology systems. 

“The biopharmaceutical industry loses approximately $35 billion annually as a result of failures in temperature-controlled logistics. Adding Tec4med’s technology and project-based expertise will enhance Cryoport’s end-to-end supply chain solutions — including advanced real-time condition monitoring — and drive its digitization to provide our customers with full transparency within the pharmaceutical supply chain,” said Sawicki. “The Tec4med technology services will supplement and complement Cryoport’s existing services, bolstering the seamless integration of condition monitoring hardware and software throughout our solutions portfolio.” 



Cryoport Systems is excited to welcome Tec4med to the broader team of Cryoport companies. For more information on Cryoport Systems’ data management capabilities, check out this webpage or  request more information on our website. 

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