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**By default, Cryoport’s FedEx account is used for the 3 shipment legs. This allows for the use of FedEx Priority Alert. In addition, it allows Cryoport’s 24/7/265 Logistics Management team to better track the shipment in transit, address delays and other shipment exceptions, and intervene if a critical issue occurs. Lastly, you will receive just one comprehensive invoice from Cryoport for the equipment lease, accessory purchases, and freight.

If you choose to use your own 9-digit FedEx account number for shipping, Priority Alert is subject to availability. Cryoport’s 24/7/365 Logistics Management team will have limited access to the shipment in transit. You will receive one invoice from Cryoport for equipment and accessories, and be billed separately by FedEx for the shipping fees.