For the ultimate lab move 

Cryomax Lab Move Shipper

An exclusive and unique solution for the life sciences.

Our Cryomax® palletized dry vapor shipping system is an exclusive offering from Cryoport Systems. It combines the high-volume capacity of the MVE 1536PD freezer with our state-of-the-art Smartpak™ condition monitoring technology. Together, they create the largest capacity “smart shipper” in the life science industry.

With the capacity for over 28,000 2 mL vials and a dynamic hold time of up to 21 days at -150°C, many of our clients trust our Cryomax® shipper for moving large quantities of valuable materials from one laboratory or biorepository to another. Many also use the Cryomax® palletized dry shipper for consolidating inventories.

Cryomax Lab Move Shipper

Key features of the Cryomax®:

  • Hold times of up to 21 days at -150°C or colder
  • Inventory tray locks to prevent rotation during transit
  • Easily moved with pallet jack or forklift
  • Complies with Special Provision A152
  • Includes the Smartpak™ Condition Monitoring System
  • Dedicated 24/7/365 client support team to proactively monitor your shipment
  • Intervention capabilities that mitigate risks
  • Cryomax® also functions as a temperature storage unit to optimize your supply chain and relocate your inventory


Get complete peace of mind.

At Cryoport Systems, you have a team of temperature-controlled logistics experts at your fingertips. They’ll proactively monitor your shipment, giving you the certainty you need when transporting and relocating samples. With us, you’ll receive dedicated 24/7/365 support.