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Gene Therapy Transportation

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As our reach across the industry has expanded, so has the recognition of our services as qualitydriven. Cryoport Systems was chosen to manage the shipment of the first FDA-approved gene therapy, Elevidys, and our expertise was an integral part in the development of ISO 21973:2020, titled “General Requirements for Transportation of Cells for Therapeutic Use.”

Our clients trust us because our standards are proven to maintain both Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) no matter the material type. 

Advanced Thearpy Shipper for Commercial drug distribution

From controlled room temperatures to -80°C solutions, we have an expansive inventory positioned globally

Cryoport Systems’ proven adaptability and innovation has positioned our organization as a leader in the industry, catering to the intricate demands of the markets we serveWhat started as a logistics service company is now a worldwide organization, boasting logistics and supply chain centers in seven countries and counting.

Our expansive solutions and services integrate directly into our logistics capabilities to create a comprehensive platform, making us the single vendor that can support various aspects within the life sciences temperature-controlled supply chain.

Shippers in Cryoshuttle for Commercial drug distribution

Our network now spans more locations than ever before.

As Cryoport Systems is part of a global family of companies all under Cryoport, Inc., our growth and specialized service potential to assist our clients’ journeys is unprecedented. Our network of sister companies plays an integral part in how our supply chain management platform can serve the industry.

As our global family of companies grows, we can offer a wider and deeper level of service across the Americas, Europe, and APAC regions. We see a bright future with global supply chain and logistic centers strategically placed around the world to help shorten the distance between our clients and their patients.