Clinical Drug Distribution

We support critical drug trials every step of the way.

At Cryoport, we’re experts in all three phases of clinical trials for new drugs or treatments.

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Phase I: Is the treatment safe for humans?

In this phase, the drug developers are focused on the efficacy of the drug. The patient base is relatively low, sometimes only a few dozen people or less.

During this phase, the integrity of your supply chain couldn’t be more important. The success of a few handful of shipments can determine whether the clinical trials move to the next phase. To ensure the integrity of your materials remains intact, our 24/7/365 end-to-end condition monitoring solution tracks the precise location and condition of your shipment throughout transit so you can be sure it reaches its destination still in its ideal state.

Clinical Drug Paperwork

As Phase II begins, further complexity enters the supply chain.

In phase II, the patient and shipment counts increase dramatically.

Regions and countries of the world expand, as does the regulatory complexity. This is where our trade compliance team steps in. They provide the necessary oversight and guidance to help ensure compliance and can also preempt potential issues before they happen.

In the event of a delay in transit due to trade related issues, our trade compliance team intervenes right away. With over 50 years of combined experience working in the international pharmaceutical industry, we’re prepared to mitigate potential risks before they affect your materials.

Cryoport Shippers for Clinical Drug Distribution

Phase III: Hope for commercial approval.

If a product makes it to phase III, many of the challenges in drug development have already been tackled. It’s now time to expand the scope and patient base, which means increasing the volume of shipments exponentially.

At this stage, the supply chain can become more complex. With our decades of experience, we can handle the increase in scalability for our clinical trial clients.