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New Product Launch: The Latest Enhancements to Cryoport Express® Standard & Combo Cryogenic Shippers

At Cryoport Systems, we are continuously striving to align with the latest science and technology advancements in our products and services, integrating the most advanced packaging, informatics, and logistics capabilities on the market today. Thus, we are pleased to share the official launch of our new Cryoport Express® Standard & Combo Cryogenic Shippers this month. The new models provide maximum protection of your valuable commodities with advanced, robust packaging and new feature enhancements. The new Cryoport Express® shippers are now available from our U.S. facilities and will soon become accessible out of our EMEA and APAC region facilities in the following months.

There are many features and benefits of the new shippers. A major distinction is the new packaging constructed with more robust foam to better protect the commodity and equipment by reducing risk from impact of shock events while in transit. The robust foam cage packaging around the dewar withstands the 3-foot drop height test, per ISTA 3A standards. Additionally, a patent-pending retention band is added to ensure the vapor plug remains secured to the dewar regardless of shipper orientation. The Smartpak™ condition monitoring system now resides in a foam insert at the top of the shipper for better accessibility and protection. There is also a new dedicated accessory slot in the foam for non-temperature sensitive accessories. It is also worth noting the dewar itself is not changing. A new larger outer box supports the innovative foam block and cage around the dewar.

We are pleased to offer these new and improved shippers to better serve your valuable and irreplaceable materials, ensuring the shipment arrives safely and securely. For materials that need to be kept at cryogenic temperatures, trust the most advanced solution available – the signature Cryoport Express® Standard & Combo Cryogenic Shippers. To learn more information about the new shipper models and their specifications, please click the button below.

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