Cryoport Express®

Reliable, Reusable, Cost-effective Shipping Systems

Our Cryoport Express® shipping systems consists of liquid nitrogen dry vapor units (-150℃) and controlled room temperature units  (2-8℃ and 15-25℃). These reusable and recyclable shipping systems are meticulously engineered to be cost-effective and dependable. We utilize an innovative application of “dry vapor” technology in conjunction with our SmartpakTM Condition Monitoring System to provide near-real-time tracking of both the location and condition to ensure the integrity of each shipment.


Elevated Degrees of Compliance

All Cryoport Express® shipping systems meet International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements for transport, including Class 6.2 infectious substances. They are also International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) “Transit Tested” certified and carry the CE (Conformité Européenne) mark. This demonstrates conformance with European Union health, safety, and environmental protection standards.