Transporting Superior Genetics: The Need for Beef-on-Dairy

The rise in domestic beef sales has presented dairy farmers with a profitable avenue to meet demand – beef-on-dairy. The process of crossbreeding dairy cows with beef genetics to produce high-quality beef cattle is referred to as a beef-on-dairy cross. But producing profitable beef-on-dairy calves is a complex process that heavily relies on superior genetics, and only those operations with the best industry practices will thrive.

With extensive experience in managing animal genetic material, Cryoport Systems knows how important compliant supply chain management and shipping procedures are in managing superior genetics. We have the tools and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to be a pillar of transporting superior genetics for the animal health industry both domestically and internationally. Let’s look at the current landscape of beef-on-dairy, the importance of compliance when shipping superior genetics, and how Cryoport Systems can help you manage the logistical steps in achieving high-quality cattle.

The Need for Superior Genetics

According to the USDA, the U.S. is the world’s largest producer of beef. With a population that eats on average 653 pounds of dairy products and 58 pounds of beef a year per person (“Why Beef on Dairy?”), the need for high-quality beef to keep up with domestic and export needs has never been greater. Beef-on-dairy crossing offers producers a way to meet demand and maintain a healthy, genetically diverse herd.

“Beef on Dairy Genetics” by PennState Extension says that maintaining a marketable product is dependent on selecting animals whose Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) values show the highest-value traits for your herd. The best bull for beef-on-dairy crossing will exhibit specific genetic expressions, and choosing the right bull isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Since the profitability of beef-on-dairy crosses is directly linked to the genetic value of cows and bulls, obtaining and utilizing superior semen is the crux of the beef-on-dairy process.

The Importance of Compliant Shipping

Compliance is key when it comes to all parts of the herd management process, and the same can be said about managing superior genetic materials for beef-on-dairy crossing. Shipping animal reproductive material has little room for error. Receiving the genetic material in the proper condition and within a timely manner can make or break the entire beef-on-dairy operation.

Shipping genetic material requires a reliable transportation solution, but like selecting bulls with the best traits for your herd, not every option will provide you with the best outcome. Your supply chain management partner should protect the integrity of your materials throughout the transit process in ways such as:

  • Temperature management – the process of maintaining the temperature of your materials throughout the transport process.
  • Reliable timeline – the ability to ship and receive your materials within a timely fashion agreed upon prior to shipment.
  • Contamination prevention – the peace of mind that your materials won’t be cross-contaminated when packaged into a shipper.

Managing Superior Genetics with Cryoport Systems

Cryoport Systems knows how important preserving the integrity of your superior genetics is to your beef-on-diary crossing process. Our solutions are built on the foundation of compliance, and our long-standing industry experience as well as our vast knowledge has cultivated the nature of our animal health services for over 9 years.

When it comes to protecting the integrity of your superior genetic materials throughout transit, we have solutions and processes in place such as:

  • The Cryoport Solution – Our group of intelligent logistics solutions that offers insight into the shipping process and gives you near real-time information about your shipment like temperature, location, and orientation.
  • Consulting Support – Our team takes an unbiased approach to analyze data relative to your specific lanes and selected carriers. The result is a Shipping Risk Assessment Report that includes a set of metrics, KPIs, and supplemental information to guide your shipping plans.
  • Veri-Clean® – Our process that’s one-of-a-kind within the industry and virtually eliminates the risk of cross-contamination by decontaminating all Cryoport Express® shippers and stainless-steel accessories by 99.9999%.
  • Chain of Compliance® – Our systems of providing full traceability of the equipment and our processes used in managing the environmental control of the commodity to ensure total compliance with industry regulations like ISO 21973.

Beef-on-dairy breeding programs offer a unique opportunity to the beef industry, but the process isn’t possible without the compliant shipping of the necessary reproductive material. Cryoport Systems is the most trusted partner for shipping superior genetic materials, serving supply chain solutions to leading animal health and breeding organizations. For more information regarding our comprehensive end-to-end supply chain solutions, please contact Cryoport Systems’ animal health expert, Tony Thomas at

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