Intelligent Logistics

The Cryoport Solution, comprised of the Cryoportal® 2 Logistics Management Platform, Smartpak II® Condition Monitoring System, Live View™ Display, and round-the-clock customer support, provides complete peace of mind because you never lose sight of your temperature-sensitive materials.

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Near real-time tracking using GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi triangulation

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Internal and external temperature monitoring

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Barometric pressure changes

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As a measure of security breaches, compromised packaging or premature openings

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Container's physical position

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Moisture level

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Time and location records of any shock events

Superior Customer Service

Cryoport’s customer support team is with you every step of the way. Our 24/7/365 customer support means that no matter what time it is, you can have confidence that Cryoport will be available to answer questions, assist with ordering and documentation, track your shipment and, in the event of an unexpected delay, work with you to find the most efficient solutions to keep your shipment on track.

Smartpack II

Cryoportal® 2

Cryoportal® 2 is Cryoport’s industry-leading, custom-built logistics management platform, providing transparency to the entire cold chain process from beginning to end with 24/7/365 access to your shipment, its location and condition. The single integrated data stream consolidates all logistics, condition monitoring, and equipment qualification data for every shipment and simplifies your shipping.


Smartpak II® Condition Monitoring System

Maintaining proper temperatures is essential for fragile biologics, so it is critical that the dry vapor dewars not only maintain their temperature but also have the data to prove it. Cryoport’s Smartpak II® condition monitoring system works in conjunction with Cryoportal® 2 to provide near real-time information about your shipment - accessible through Live View. The Smartpak II® collects data using wireless communication and transmits and reports that data at a customized frequency.

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