What Intended Parents Should Know About Clinic Regulatory Guidelines

Choosing the right fertility clinic can be a daunting experience for intended parents on their fertility health journey. However, for those in the US or UK, there are regulatory bodies that help intended parents identify the right clinic based on their specific reproductive health needs.  

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) set the standards for how clinics should conduct services and store materials. In this blog post, we’ll explore these regulatory bodies and how they adhere to the proper compliance standards for the safe handling of reproductive materials. Additionally, we’ll detail how Cryoport Systems meets the compliance standards set to support the safe transport of reproductive materials to and from an intended parent’s chosen clinic both domestically and internationally. 

Understanding HFEA: Ensuring Ethical and Safe Practices 

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) plays a pivotal role in regulating fertility clinics in the United Kingdom. Established in 1990, HFEA ensures that clinics adhere to strict standards of safety, quality, and ethical practices. For a clinic to obtain a license, they must be certified by HFEA and pass their inspection process. 

HFEA’s oversight includes enforcing compliance with legislation such as: 

For individuals considering reproductive treatments in the UK, it’s essential to work with clinics that are licensed and regulated by HFEA. This ensures that the clinic maintains high standards of care and adheres to ethical guidelines throughout the treatment process, including the safe and compliant shipment and storage of reproductive materials. Intended parents considering which clinic is right for them can utilize HFEA’s fertility clinic search webpage to find clinics’ licensing status, patient reviews, and more.  

SART: Setting Standards for Reproductive Medicine in the United States 

In the United States, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) serves as a leading authority in the field of reproductive medicine. Founded in 1985, SART is a professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in assisted reproductive technologies and setting standards for clinical practice. 

SART membership is voluntary for clinics but signifies a commitment to adhering to stringent guidelines and best practices in the field. To become a member of SART, clinics undergo rigorous evaluations and adhere to strict reporting requirements regarding success rates, treatment outcomes, and patient safety. 

By choosing a SART-member clinic for reproductive treatments, intended parents can have confidence in the clinic’s commitment to quality care and adherence to established standards. SART’s oversight helps ensure transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement within the field of reproductive medicine. Intended parents considering which clinic is right for them can utilize SART’s clinic search webpage find clinics’ licensing status, lists of services, and more.    

Cryoport Systems: Facilitating Safe and Reliable Reproductive Material Transport 

Navigating the logistics of shipping reproductive materials both domestically and internationally requires expertise, precision, and adherence to regulatory requirements. Cryoport Systems specializes in providing comprehensive logistics solutions for the safe and reliable transport of reproductive materials worldwide. 

Utilizing advanced technology and a global network of logistics experts, Cryoport Systems ensures that reproductive materials, including sperm, eggs, and embryos, are transported with the utmost care and compliance. With a deep understanding of regulatory requirements across different jurisdictions, Cryoport Systems facilitates seamless shipments while prioritizing the safety and integrity of reproductive materials. Cryoport Systems adheres to industry regulatory guidelines, including: 

  • ISO 21973 — Regulations for the transportation and storage of cells for therapeutic use. 
  • ISO 9001 – Demonstrates a commitment to quality and sets the standard for optimized material management. 

Cryoport Systems’ tailored solutions include temperature-controlled packaging, real-time monitoring, and regulatory compliance support, allowing intended parents to focus on their journey to parenthood. By partnering with Cryoport Systems, individuals transporting their reproductive treatments can navigate the complexities of domestic and international shipping with confidence, knowing that their reproductive materials are in expert hands. 



Partnering with a trusted logistics provider like Cryoport Systems can streamline the process of shipping reproductive materials across borders, ensuring safety and peace of mind throughout the journey to parenthood. Trust Cryoport Systems to transport your sensitive materials with the same amount of care and adherence to compliance standards as your chosen clinic in the US or UK.  

For more information about transporting your reproductive materials with Cryoport Systems, check out our website page for intended parents.