Cryoport and Cell Matters

Cryoport and Cell Matters Collaboration Aids in the Standardization of Cell Therapy Supply Chain Processes

The recent partnership between Cell Matters and Cryoport has proven to be extremely beneficial in addressing a critical step in cell and gene therapy research and commercialization, reducing risks within the supply chain process.

In June’s issue of Pharmaceutical Commerce, Cryoport and Cell Matters partnership is featured regarding the discussion of leukopaks – bags containing filtered and concentrated volumes of cells – and the risks associated with the importance of their cryogenic refrigeration. Cryoport’s cutting edge cryogenic shipping capabilities and newest cryogenic storage facilities aid Cell Matters in offering the cryopreservation of leukopaks in less than 24 hours in the region in which they were collected. This collaboration has added critical systematic procedures to the shipping and handling of these materials that have reduced risks previously associated with the extraction and movement process.

The combination of Cryoport’s bio-logistics expertise alongside the cryobiology and cell therapy production of Cell Matters allows for an increase in security and sample preservation of the leukopaks and their additional materials.

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