Cryoport & MVE Synergies to Provide Best-in-Class Risk Mitigation Solutions for Animal Breeders

Cryoport & MVE Synergies to Provide Best-in-Class Risk Mitigation Solutions for Animal Breeders

Cryoport Systems and MVE Biological Solutions, a Cryoport subsidiary, are industry leaders that provide unmatched temperature-controlled shipping solutions and state-of-the-art equipment for storage and transportation for the life sciences market. Our combined expertise focuses on mitigating risk and providing complete chain of custody in the supply chain while maintaining a zero-failure environment, taking every detail into consideration – from having a validated cleaning process to nonstop monitoring capabilities.

As the leading manufacturer and provider of cryogenic life sciences solutions, MVE provides freezers, dewars, and other ancillary equipment for the storage and transport of life sciences commodities, including animal health, human biopharmaceuticals, and reproductive medicine. MVE’s wide range of aluminum and stainless-steel equipment has been engineered, rigorously tested, and validated for maximum durability. This provides superior hold times necessary for ultra-low cryogenic temperatures, crucial to the preservation and viability of critical human and animal tissues and vaccines. Cattle breeders globally have trusted MVE’s cryogenic storage and transport equipment for over 55 years. Our equipment can be found in your barn, your father’s barn, and in the barns of generations to come.

Since 2012, Cryoport has incorporated MVE equipment into its cold chain shipping solutions. Cryogenic shipping and storage containers are crucial components in virtually every facet of breeding and genetic improvement. Our various lines of products are scientifically engineered for the safe transport and storage of biological samples in liquid or vapor-stage and specifically for protecting genetic material from adverse temperature fluctuations. The combination of Cryoport’s cutting-edge technology platform, which includes intelligent informatics, packaging and logistics, and MVE’s industry-leading equipment yields the best-in-class cold chain risk mitigation solution. Together, we are committed to providing the highest-quality cryogenic storage and transport vessels for animal breeding operations. Knowing your irreplaceable genes are secure while in transit reduces breeding failure and provides confidence that the genetic investments in your herd and business are fully protected.

Cryoport and MVE are committed to further the development of the most reliable comprehensive temperature-controlled supply chain platform to support the life sciences industry. Our synergies deliver a unique combination of passion and outstanding industry knowledge; superior global client support; advanced engineering capabilities; and unparalleled temperature-controlled supply chain innovation while meeting the growing demand of the industry.

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