Cryoport Expands Global Supply Chain Network through Recent Acquisition of Cell&Co BioServices

April 27, 2022

The recent acquisition of of Cell&Co BioServices by Cryoport, Inc. will help to expand global service offerings by generating opportunities for clinical trial and cell and gene therapy developers in Europe. Cryoport, Inc. CEO Jerrell Shelton comments, “We are indeed pleased to have the Cell&Co team as a part of Cryoport. Cell&Co will play a significant role in Cryoport Systems’ development of its Global Supply Chain Network, designed to meet the needs of the growing Regenerative Medicine industry worldwide. In fact, on a global basis, industry experts expect that between now and 2027 approximately 30 to 50 new cell and gene therapies will be introduced into the market each year. Cell&Co’s competencies combined with its location in the center of France makes it an excellent strategic fit for Cryoport Systems and will accelerate the expansion of its new Global Supply Chain Network by approximately two years.”

Stated in a recent article published by RegMedNet, the cell and gene therapy market is expected to grow in the coming years, and the addition of Cell&Co BioServices’s capabilities to Cryoport’s own allows it to stay ahead of industry changes and expand its Global Supply Chain Network alongside its other services. Cell&Co BioServices founders Sofien Dessolin and Florent Belon comment, “The time was right for us to be part of an industry-leading organization such as Cryoport in order to support our business, expand our product solutions, and become a significantly larger player in the life sciences industry. We are excited to be part of Cryoport’s strategic platform in the advanced therapies space in EMEA and look forward to continuing to lead Cell&Co as an integral part of Cryoport.”

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