Introducing Cryoport BioServices – Houston, Texas Global Supply Chain Center

One of the challenges facing the cell and gene therapy industry, as it grows and matures, is the development of robust supply chains to support the increase in clinical trials and the commercialization of new therapies. Companies developing these new therapies need commercial partners to help support the scale up of manufacturing and delivery to patients across the world. The current infrastructure for controlled temperature storage, packaging and distribution of advanced therapies is widely regarded as insufficient. This is where Cryoport BioServices can help with the introduction of its new Global Supply Chain Centers.

Widely regarded as world leaders in the field of critical temperature-controlled logistics solutions to the biopharma industry, Cryoport is now expanding its range of supply chain services. Cryoport BioServices will soon be able to provide controlled temperature GMP-compliant storage and fulfilment, secondary packaging / labeling, and kit production alongside our renowned temperature-controlled logistics capabilities – all under one roof, at our new Global Supply Chain Centers.

Our new Houston Global Supply Chain Center is situated south of the city, near the Texas Medical Center campus in an ideal location to serve local, domestic, and international clients. This will be a state-of-the-art facility using the latest technologies and employing experienced staff to provide the highest quality and compliant services to clients requiring support for their clinical and commercial advanced therapy programs. The building covers approximately 21,000 sq ft and will house cutting edge equipment, systems, and processes to ensure GMP compliant storage and fulfilment of critical materials.