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Optimizing Cell Therapy with IntegriCell™ Automated Cryopreservation

Discover how IntegriCell™ Enhances Quality and Consistency in Cell-Based Therapies

Cryoport Systems, the global leader in temperature-controlled supply chain solutions, recently presented a poster on the development of an automated cryopreservation process for leukapheresis through our IntegriCell™ platform.

Learn how the IntegriCell™ platform optimizes cryopreservation with automated closed processing, maintaining cell viability and recovery across multiple donor-derived leukaphereses.

By providing high-quality, manufacture-ready cryopreserved leukopaks for cell therapy manufacturing, IntegriCell™ supports increased standardization and reliability. Our process offers exceptional consistency batch-to-batch, increasing the reliability of cryopreserved leukopaks. Dive into the details of our GMP-compatible automated cryopreservation service and discover how Cryoport Systems is enhancing the cell therapy supply chain for clinical and commercial partners globally.

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