Video: Advancing Cell Therapy with IntegriCell™ Automated Cryopreservation

Advancing Cell Therapy with IntegriCell™ Automated Cryopreservation

Optimizing Viability and Standardization for Clinical Excellence

Presented by Alexandre Michaux, Ph.D.


Explore how Cryoport Systems is advancing cell therapy with IntegriCell™ Automated Cryopreservation. This presentation delves into our innovative approach to optimizing cryopreservation processes through automated closed processing, ensuring robust cell viability and recovery across multiple donor-derived leukaphereses.

Learn about how IntegriCell™ is delivering high-quality, manufacture-ready cryopreserved leukopaks, crucial for standardized and reliable cell therapy manufacturing.

Our GMP-compatible automated cryopreservation service establishes new standards in consistency and batch-to-batch reliability, facilitating the seamless integration of cryopreserved materials into the global cell therapy supply chain. Join us as we explore the transformative impact of IntegriCell™ and its contribution to advancing therapeutic applications from collection to clinical use.