Review the history and key players of cryobiology and ART.  Understand the basic principles of cryopreservation from freezing to vitrification including cryoprotectants and freezing protocols.  Appreciate how far the technology has evolved in the past 50 years.

Featured Speakers:

Mitchel Schiewe, PhD
Scientific Lab Director, Southern California Institute for Reproductive Sciences, Newport Beach
Technical Director, California Cryobank 

Greg Fahy, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, 21st Century Medicine, Inc. 

Zsolt Peter Nagy, PhD
Scientific and Laboratory Director, Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA), Atlanta

At the conclusion of this presentation, participants should be able to:

  • Recall the historical reference to cryobiological principles and developments, the investigators who devised them and when they were applied to ART
  • Discuss the basic principles behind effective cryopreservation, from freezing to vitrification, of embryos and oocytes
  • Recall the history behind various cryoprotectants and freezing protocols
  • Assess how far the technology has evolved in 50+ years to being the highly efficient process it is today, where vitrified embryo transfer cycles are more effective than fresh ET, and where egg banking is becoming a viable alternative
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