CryoShuttle Van

Through the launch of our Cryoshuttle® local pickup and delivery service, Cryoport provides even more security and certainty for your valuable commodities.

Cryoport Logistics Center Our Cryoshuttle® solution extends our market-leading Chain of Compliance® processes even deeper within your supply chain with seamless direct handling, traceability, and visibility of your materials during local transport to manufacturing sites, hospitals, clinics, and airports from your nearest Cryoport facility. Manufacturing Site The solution mitigates risk with significant reduction in shock and orientation events through utilization of specially trained drivers and comprehensive logistics management. Hospital Additionally, our solution supports enhanced traceability to ensure stringent regulatory compliance standards are met.

With improved handling, security, and traceability, you can be certain that your materials will arrive at the destination on schedule and with documented sample integrity.



Cryoshuttle® Key Features:

  • Local delivery and pickup service within proximal distance of all Cryoport Global Logistics Centers
  • Accommodates pickup and delivery schedules outside standard business hours and days, including holidays
  • Ability to support regularly scheduled pickups and deliveries in accordance with client schedules
  • Cryoshuttle™ drivers are highly qualified, uniformed Cryoport employees who are specifically trained to handle specialized equipment according to client processes
  • Custom-built vehicles are GPS-tracked with 24/7 surveillance
  • State-of-the-art routing software is utilized for the most optimal and efficient routes
  • Just-in-time deliveries and rush order capabilities
  • 24/7 availability with proper notification

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