The Importance of Preserving Animal Biologics During Transport

Cryoport Systems’ resident Animal Health expert, Tony Thomas, sat down with Andy Vance of Feedstuffs 365 at the 2022 World Dairy Expo to discuss how crucial it is to protect animal biologics during transit, as it is one of the most vulnerable phases of fleet management. Tony also explains how Cryoport Systems continues to innovate by proactively identifying potential challenges along the journey and developing an ever-evolving mitigation plan that protects the condition of the valuable animal commodities.

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Cryoport Systems transports high-value, irreplaceable materials to over 150 countries in a secure manner and prioritize risk mitigation with near real-time traceability for every shipment. Our robust fleet of temperature-controlled shippers, extended hold time capabilities, Condition Monitoring System, and Logistics Management Platform assure the security and integrity of veterinary pharmaceuticals, biologics, and all types of genetic material. Cryoport Systems’ equipment is rigorously tested to endure the risks associated with an unpredictable shipping environment. Additionally, our extensive inventory enables us to supplement fleets at times of high demand.

Animal welfare, disease prevention, and elimination programs rely on the safe transport of vaccines and other biological materials around the world. Cryoport Systems takes pride in providing over a decade of support for the animal health industry. We understand strong, healthy livestock is invaluable – healthy animals mean healthy humans. Cryoport Systems has perfected the science of providing safe, secure, temperature-controlled transportation for vaccines and biological materials

When your shipments require the highest-quality temperature-controlled transport, you can rely on Cryoport Systems to get them to their destination.


  • Temperature-controlled shipping, storage, and tracking
  • Documentation assistance and dedicated customer support
  • Consulting services – shipping risk assessment, shipping lane validation, and more


  • Semen, embryos and oocytes
  • Stem cells and regenerative therapies
  • Vaccines & antibiotics
  • Monoclonal antibodies and immunotherapies
  • Regulated biological submissions
  • Diagnostic and reference materials requiring chain of custody

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