What You Need to Know About Shipping Your Reproductive Materials

Every IVF Journey comes with their own unique challenges. If at some point in the process the reproductive materials need to be moved to a new clinic, it’s imperative to trust that your clinics will not only handle your materials appropriately but also that your materials are receiving the highest level of attention throughout the process.

Cryoport Systems can help demystify the process by providing all customers transparency, premium technologies, and support. In order to ease some of the uncertainty you might feel about the shipping process, here’s our answers to three common questions detailing what you need to know about Cryoport’s IVF transportation process.

How do you ensure safety?

Cryoport Systems adheres to processes and procedures that comply with the strictest industry standards in the biopharmaceutical industry. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, meaning that we can provide a third party’s validation of our exceptional level of quality and organizational discipline. Our Reproductive Medicine shipments are managed with the same attention and care as those life-saving therapies. We follow all US/FDA requirements as well as EMA / International Requirements to ensure that your materials are handled safely and compliantly every step of the way.

When it comes to shipping your embryos, sperm, or eggs, our robust equipment is specifically designed with safety as its top priority. Cryoport Systems utilizes validated dry shipping containers that have been pre-treated with liquid nitrogen. These dry shipping tanks undergo rigorous testing before every single use in order to ensure perfection. Each Cryoport Systems shipper is tested for:

  • Performance – Each tank must be able to maintain a minimum holding temperature of -150°C.
  • Longevity – Our tanks keep reproductive material safe and frozen for up to ten days while in transit.
  • Durability – We make sure each tank is free of external and internal damage and can handle being shipped both domestically in the US and internationally.

With over ten years of experience in IVF shipping, Cryoport Systems has transported over 600,000 shipments while keeping safety our top priority.

How is my reproductive material handled?

At Cryoport, we take precautions to mitigate risk factors impacting your shipping needs. All of our staff involved in the packaging and shipping process is highly trained to handle reproductive materials specifically. Our training processes include standard operating procedures that certify compliance and prepare our team members to fulfill your needs.

Additionally, Cryoport follows a one-patient-per-shipper policy, meaning your materials are transported in containers individually designated to you. Our dedicated customer support team continuously monitors each shipment to assure that it arrives safely at its destination. All in all, we make sure every shipment is handled with precision and care.

How will I know that my materials have had a safe journey?

Sending your reproductive materials is a personal matter. While it might not be possible to accompany the materials on their journey, Cryoport Systems monitors every part of the shipment process.

Cryoport’s industry-leading Condition Monitoring System is configured to provide visibility to our team for both the conditions and location of your valuable reproductive materials throughout the entire shipment process. Our team checks your shipment for information like:

  • GPS Location
  • Pressure and Tank Orientation
  • Shock and Tampering
  • Humidity and Temperature

Our fertility shipping technology enables us to utilize comprehensive data about your shipment so that we can intervene if necessary. We also provide clinic coordination and exclusive insurance options to give you that additional peace of mind.

When you need to ship something as irreplaceable as your reproductive materials, trust Cryoport. Our safety and care measures mean a stress-free move for you anywhere or any time. For more information on Cryoport Systems’ fertility shipping services, contact us directly.

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