Clinical Trials & Diagnostics: Multisite Specimen Collections Made Easy

Cryoport delivers an innovative and complete outsourced frozen shipping solution for biological materials. The Cryoport Solution replaces outdated dry ice and virtually eliminates the risk of cell degradation in frozen shipping.

With full data monitoring and tracking on every shipment, we not only deliver chain-of-custody, but chain-of-condition on every shipment as well. This integrated solution eliminates costly temperature excursions, adds flexibility to your logistics system and provides you with the confidence of having the highest specimen integrity for your critical frozen biological materials.

Clinical Trials

The Cryoport team serves as an extension of your team. Through the entire logistics solution, your organization gains a team of logistics experts who know international best practices. Our team has international experience in places like China, Russia, and Nigeria.

The Cryoport Solution supports you by:

  • Making it easier to collect samples from a multitude of global markets.

  • Ensuring that specimen integrity is maintained from multiple collection sites.

  • Documenting appropriate environmental conditions to prevent rejection by the quality department.

  • Mitigating the risk of thermal excursions.