Biomaterials Being Shipped Using The Cryoport Solution

Biomaterials we ship

Most biological activity, including those biochemical reactions that lead to cell death, are effectively stopped when brought to temperatures below the glass transition point of water solutions (around -136°C). Cryoport provides a shipping container that maintains a temperature of -150°C. It is important to note that cellular material can be damaged during the freezing to low temperatures process, or warming to room temperature process, if proper cryoprotectants are not used.

Example biological products and specimens that Cryoport clients have shipped using our frozen Shipping Solution:

Adult stem cells
Bone marrow cells
Bull semen
Cancer cell lines
Canine hepatocytes
Canine semen
Cord blood cells
Dentritic cells

Equine semen
Genetically modified E. Coli
Hematopoietic stem cells
Human basophils

Human eggs

Human embryos
Human hepatocytes
Human neuronal cells
Human plasma
Human semen
Human serum
Human tissue
Human urine
Master cell bank
Mice embryos


Peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Pluripotent stem cells

Porcine semen
Primary cells
Rat hepatocytes
Rat hybridoma cells
Recombinant plant DNA
Recombinant plasmid DNA
Reproductive tissue
Soil samples
Standard and control primers
Stem cells
Test media kits