Cryoport Elite™ Shipping System: Industry-leading Advanced Therapy Support

The life sciences industry requires a robust shipping system that can handle the risks associated with transporting high-value commodities such as advanced therapies. Slight temperature deviations can render the commodity ineffective, and minor physical damage can also damage its usability. With so much at stake, advanced therapy developers and manufacturers need an advanced packaging system that can maintain consistent temperatures to deliver raw materials, viral vectors, and gene therapies in perfect condition.

The Cryoport Elite™ dry ice shipping system is the most rigorously and independently validated dry ice shipper in the life sciences industry that protects high-value biological materials and advanced therapies throughout their shipment journey. Its ability to proactively mitigate risk to the most sensitive commodities makes it the superior shipper on the market today that can be trusted to enable client outcomes within the life sciences.

Every Detail Built to Enhance Protection

The Cryoport Elite™ line represents the future of temperature-controlled shipping systems. The idea for this one-of-a-kind shipping system was born from a direct request from one of our industry-leading clients who required a safer and higher-performance shipping system to transport their biopharmaceutical product to waiting patients. Cryoport System’s Consulting Services team took on the challenge of this client request and worked with our Engineering and Product Management teams to combine the best features of packaging, informatics, and logistics to deliver superior performance in a single shipping system. This collaboration resulted in the purpose-built and reusable Cryoport Elite™ dry-ice shipping system.

The Cryoport Elite™ shipping system is the most robust shipping system within the life sciences with features such as:

  • Superior hold times for challenging shipping lanes – The hold time exceeds industry standards to support international and challenging shipping lanes for a minimum duration of 140 hours (28L) and maximum duration of 185+ hours (56L).
  • Total Visibility From End-To-End – With our Chain of Compliance® standard, the Cryoport Elite™ ensures accountability of the housed commodity by delivering essential traceability and analytics such as ‘chain-of-condition’ and ‘chain-of-custody’ through a single data stream.
  • Available in Both GP and ATS Lines – Ship any type of sensitive commodity in the Cryoport Elite™ General Purpose (GP) shippers or utilize Cryoport Systems’ Advanced Therapy Shipper™ (ATS) Cryoport Elite™ line for the exclusive shipment of human-based materials.
  • Multiple Shipping System Sizes – The Cryoport Elite™ dry ice shipping system is available in two sizes to accommodate material movement, patient and bulk shipment needs – 28L and 56L.
  • Documentation of Near Real-Time Data – Cryoportal® 2 Logistics Management System is integrated into every Cryoport Elite™ shipper. It provides near real-time data about a shipment’s internal temperature, external temperature, orientation/tilt, location, and other metrics in conjunction with our Smartpak II® condition monitoring system.
  • Proprietary Customizable Payload Holding System – Cryoport has designed innovative payload holding systems into our shipping systems to immobilize, protect and center payloads.
Design & Properties that Think Outside the Box

The Cryoport Elite™ shipping system was custom-designed inside and out for proactive risk-mitigation to handle variability throughout the transport distribution journey. Our patent-pending payload holding system was engineered to reduce commodity movement during transit while ensuring the payload never comes into direct contact with the dry ice. The stainless-steel material exhibits efficient thermal resistance, facilitating consistent cooling across all sides of the payload (360 degree cooling). The payload holding system includes a standard-sized payload carrier and can be customized to accommodate various commodity needs like different volumes, geometries, and sizes (or client-specific payload immobilization).

More than just a box, the exterior of the Cryoport Elite™ features design elements that are unrivaled in the life sciences supply chain, including:

  1. Highly robust design created to withstand the rigors of transportation and protection of the payload integrity during shipping
  2. Near real-time internal temperature monitor display for reading without opening.
  3. Dual flush latches to prevent accidental opening or tampering during transit.
  4. Ability to recharge the shipper without touching the housed commodity.
  5. Document enclosure lid that provides a dedicated and secure location for shipping documents, labels, and accessories.
  6. Nested handles for easy lifting.
  7. A front compartment door that safely houses the Smartpak II® condition monitoring system.
Revolutionizing the Transport of High-value Commodities

The biopharmaceutical industry loses about $35 billion(1) annually due to failures in temperature-controlled logistics. Some of these failures can be attributed to inadequate dewar/shipper design and qualification, meaning that the packaging in which the high-value commodity was placed failed to protect the integrity of the material.

While Cryoport Systems’ Cryoportal® 2 and Smartpak II® monitoring system keep logs of both the external and internal conditions of all our shipping systems, not every provider has outfitted their shipping systems with robust technology that is integrated into the shipping system. According to a survey(2), nearly half of opinion leaders across the biopharmaceutical industry responded that their established shipping systems did not include monitoring capabilities past general temperature tracking.

The Cryoport Elite™ shipping system fills an important gap in the industry – total protection and shipment monitoring of extremely sensitive materials. With its established adherence to compliance standards and superior design within the life sciences industry, you can trust that your irreplicable materials, viral vectors, cell therapies, and gene therapies will arrive anywhere in the world with integrity intact.

Never worry about the state of your shipped commodities again with the Cryoport Elite™ shipping system. For more information on how this shipping system can support the transport of your high-value commodities, reach out to our team on our website.


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