New look, unchanging certainty.

Our support of the life sciences market looks different today than it did when our company was founded over two decades ago. However, what hasn’t changed is our steadfast commitment to our clients’ journeys. Cryoport Systems is evolving our brand to reflect the progression of our services into a robust platform of temperature-controlled supply chain solutions. From our fully-integrated management capabilities to our network of locations around the world, Cryoport Systems connects each phase in our clients’ journeys – one patient, one therapy, one product at a time.

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Unified support to save, sustain, and enhance lives around the world.

As the life sciences industry has continually pushed the boundaries of scientific advancement, we have evolved alongside the industry and expanded our capabilities into a full-scale supply chain management platform. Our rebranding signifies the growth of our offerings and ties all Cryoport, Inc. companies (Cryoport Systems, CRYOGENE, CRYOPDP, and MVE Biological Solutions) into a unified look and feel. Each of our operating companies under the Cryoport, Inc. banner plays a crucial role in our clients’ journeys whether it be through scalable cryopreservation, BioServices and biostorage solutions, cryogenic systems, or enhanced logistics offerings. With a united brand across all entities, the new Cryoport logo seamlessly links our extended support across the life sciences to save, sustain, and enhance lives around the world.

Our integrated platform enables your outcome.

While Cryoport Systems remains the most trusted provider of logistics solutions for the life sciences, our enhanced platform of integrated services has broadened our solutions and strengthened our dependability. This rebrand is a testament to the evolution of our platform beyond logistics into solutions like GMP storage, kit production, drug packaging/labeling, cryopreservation, shipping lane validation, packaging validation, packaging design, and other proficiencies that help add certainty to our clients’ entire supply chain. Cryoport Systems’ risk-mitigation solutions, innovative technology, and dedicated team of people empower the life sciences to push the boundaries of scientific development by enabling the outcome of an advancing world.

Ring in the new year and new brand with us!

Cryoport will be ringing the Opening Bell at NASDAQ in NYC on January 17th, 2024, at 9:30am EST to celebrate the launch of our new brand. Read more about how you can virtually attend on the event webpage.

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