Storing Material for Healthy Herds: Insight from CRYOGENE’s COO, Leigh Anne Hill

Advancements in cryogenic storage capabilities have opened new possibilities for animal breeders to ensure the health and genetic diversity of their herds. In 2019, Cryoport acquired CRYOGENE, a company based in Houston, Texas specializing in biorepository solutions, to add fully validated biobanking capabilities and solutions. Since then, CRYOGENE has been an important aspect of promoting herd health through versatile storage solutions that help widen Cryoport Systems’ supply chain management solutions.

To understand the scope of CRYOGENE’s capabilities for breeders, we sat down with CRYOGENE’s Chief Operating Officer, Leigh Anne Hill. She provided information on how CRYOGENE’s biobanking expertise works hand-in-hand with Cryoport Systems’ supply chain management proficiencies to support the animal health industry and the future of herd health.

Cryogenic Storage Capabilities

CRYOGENE is an industry leader in the management of critical biological commodities to support the advancement of animal health cell and gene therapies, GMP biologics, and public health research. CRYOGENE can accommodate both long and short-term temperature-controlled storage needs. For the animal health industry, we offer temperature storage options that include storing materials at controlled room temperature, 2-8°C, -20°C, -80°C, or at minus 196°C in a liquid nitrogen freezer. CRYOGENE’s storage solutions are state-of-the-art, constantly monitored and have back up safety systems in place.

Whether breeders need to preserve valuable genetic traits for future generations or temporarily store embryos for immediate use, CRYOGENE’s adaptable storage options empower breeders to make informed decisions about their breeding programs. This versatility caters to the diverse requirements of breeders and upholds strict industry requirements.

“CRYOGENE is registered with the FDA for the handling of human cells,” said Hill. “That means we align our care of all biological materials with those high standards, no matter what type.”

Assurance through Chain of Custody

CRYOGENE understands the importance of compliance. Biological material arrives at CRYOGENE’s facility in a Cryoport shipper, which contains a Smartpak II® Condition Monitoring System. The Smartpak II® monitors each shipment for information such as:

  • Internal temperature
  • Location
  • Internal pressure
  • Orientation

“When a shipment gets to our facility, we can be sure it arrived safely,” said Hill. “The level of insight we have because of the Smartpak II® creates a chain of custody and chain of condition. We know where the shipper was and how it performed during the material’s entire journey.”

This level of detail is crucial to animal breeders because the future of their herd depends on the viability of the material they’re shipping. Plus, once at the facility, CRYOGENE is able to maintain the same level of insight into a breeder’s material throughout its entire time in storage. CRYOGENE has controlled temperature and humidity levels, rigorous quality control, and a team of experts dedicated to maintaining the integrity of genetic material for all their clients. Their monitoring systems create a detailed temperature record of the material’s integrity throughout its storage stay so that breeders can reference the state of their materials at any time for added peace of mind.

Combined Commitment to Herd Health

The relationship between CRYOGENE and Cryoport Systems introduces a comprehensive solution that goes beyond storage. The integration of CRYOGENE’s cryogenic storage expertise with Cryoport Systems’ supply chain capabilities results in a supply chain that is firmly rooted in promoting herd health.

“CRYOGENE as a part of the Cryoport Systems family makes sense,” said Hill. “It’s built a service-based relationship where we can both store and ship directly out of our Houston facility. We can better serve our clients because of it.”

By utilizing advanced technology and meticulous monitoring, CRYOGENE helps breeders preserve genetic diversity, improve breeding outcomes, and safeguard against unforeseen challenges that could impact herd health. This partnership empowers breeders to take proactive measures that ultimately contribute to the overall well-being of their livestock.

“Any client, whether a part of the animal health industry or not, will know that their material is always in safe hands with CRYOGENE,” said Hill.

With CRYOGENE’s advanced cryogenic storage capabilities coupled with Cryoport Systems’ advanced supply chain management solutions, our relationship sets the standard for herd health management. For more information on how Cryoport Systems can help animal breeders promote a healthy herd, connect with Cryoport Systems’ animal health expert, Tony Thomas at

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