Data-Driven Supply Chain Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

Cryoport understands the importance of a safe and secure supply chain in transporting valuable biologics, tissues and cell and gene therapies. The health of your patients’ pets is invaluable and Cryoport is proud to support scientists and researchers in bringing innovative biologics to veterinary medicine.

We have extensive experience in supporting 668 human clinical trials – and we take that same expertise in safely transporting animal biologic material. Cryoport’s temperature-controlled logistics solution helps you avoid costly delays through superior customer support, nonstop monitoring and powerful informatics.

The Cryoport Express® shippers, equipped with the Smartpak II® Condition Monitoring System, keep temperature-sensitive cells and biologics at the required state to ensure the safety and efficacy of your product. The Cryoportal® Logistics Management Platform streamlines the management of your supply chain and costs and helps you make informed decisions about shipping routes and distribution points.

Pharmaceuticals and Cell & Gene Therapies

Safe, Sanitized Shippers: Cryoport Veri-Clean®

Cryoport is the only end-to-end logistics solutions provider that can guarantee a 99.9999% reduction in external contaminants.

Animal Health Blog

Tony Thomas is Cryoport's resident expert on the animal health industry. Read our Animal Health blog for his take on challenges and solutions for transporting animal genetics, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals.

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Why Choose Cryoport

End-to-End Solutions

End-to-End Solutions

From point of origin to destination, Cryoport provides easy storage, ordering, fulfillment, shipping, continuous tracking and monitoring, documentation assistance and 24/7/365 customer support for your cold chain logistics needs.

Steadfast Protection

Steadfast Protection

Navigate global temperature-controlled logistics with scientifically enhanced and proprietary Cryoport Express® shippers. With a wide variety of shipper types and sizes, Cryoport offers a truly flexible logistics solution.


Intelligent Logistics

Complete visibility with the Cryoportal® logistics management system and Smartpak II® condition monitoring system. Monitoring and shipping temperature-sensitive materials around the world has never been easier.


100% Requalification

All Cryoport dewars are requalified after each use for physical suitbility, cleanliness, LN2 capacity and minimum required hold times. Dewars are removed from our fleet if the requalification specifications do not meet our internal criteria.


Chain of Compliance®

No matter what you’re shipping or where it’s going, have confidence that your materials are being stored and shipped ethically and in full compliance with all applicable regulations. Cryoport’s team of experts will guide you through customs and can manage all documentation.

Validated Cleaning Process

Veri-Clean®: Validated Cleaning Process

Veri-Clean® is the industry’s first and only validated cleaning and disinfection process. Our proprietary, validated cleaning methodology utilizes reagents effective as a bactericide, fungicide and virucide.

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