Enabling the Outcome with Cryoport Systems 

Cryoport Systems entered the market over two decades ago to support the logistics processes of life sciences organizations. As industry demands evolved, our logistics capabilities expanded into a robust platform of supply chain management offerings. Now in 2024, we’re reemerging with a rebrand that touches all Cryoport, Inc. companies, reflecting our organization’s evolution that integrates seamlessly with our trusted logistics services. 

To expand on this recent change, we want to discuss some important questions about the meaning behind our rebrand. Let’s explore who Cryoport Systems is today and how we’ll continue to support client journeys into the future.  

What does our rebrand represent? 

In the life sciences industry, organizations deal in possibility, variability, and uncertainty on a daily basis. Whether it’s researching a new cell therapy or manufacturing a life-saving drug, consistency within the life science supply chain can be hard to predict. Cryoport Systems has always placed emphasis on our client-centric processes and solutions. This rebranding marks our consistent approach to support certainty throughout all steps in the life sciences supply chain.  

Our new tagline, Enabling the Outcome, is a succinct way of defining our rebranding. Our clients enable the future of health by researching innovative therapies, manufacturing life-saving products, and developing new medicine for the biopharmaceutical market. Cryoport Systems assists our clients on their individual journeys by enabling their efforts and supporting them towards their defined outcome. 

How does Cryoport Systems Enable the Outcome? 

As mentioned, Cryoport Systems isn’t the logistics company that we once were. The development of our platform of supply chain solutions connects our ability to support the market through every step of the supply chain. This platform includes offerings such as: 

  • BioServices – Controlled temperature storage, drug packaging & labelling, kit production, biobanking, clinical sample management, drug return & destruction, and regulatory & QP services to enable the intricate needs of cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing. 
  • IntegriCell™ – The standardized cryopreservation and distribution solution for the global cell therapy market. 
  • Consulting Services – An expert team of professionals who can mitigate risk throughout the supply chain with shipping risk assessments, operational qualifications, custom packaging design, trade services, and more. 

Our expansive solutions and services integrate directly into our logistics offerings to create our comprehensive platform, making us the single vendor that can enable all aspects of the biopharmaceutical, temperature-controlled supply chain and assist our clients towards their individual goals. 

What is Cryoport Systems’ vision for the future? 

Whether it be the diversification of our services, the launch of new packaging solutions, or our growing number of locations, advancement and evolution are central to our organization’s pathway into the future. From early on, Cryoport Systems has worked closely with ISTA, IATA, ASTM, as well as other internationally recognized and accredited bodies to design, develop, and execute verification and validation studies demonstrating adherence and conformance to standards. In recent history, our expertise was an integral part in the development of ISO 21973:2020, titled General Requirements for Transportation of Cells for Therapeutic Use. Enabling the outcomes extends to our voice in the life sciences industry for the advancement of regulations towards standardizing safety. 

Additionally, Cryoport Systems is part of a global family of companies all under Cryoport, Inc. Our network of sister companies plays an integral part in how our supply chain management platform can serve the industry. As our global family of companies grows, we can offer a wider and deeper level of services across the Americas, Europe, and APAC regions. Our network mitigates risk and provides a seamless platform that supports our clients’ journeys both domestically and internationally. 



Cryoport Systems wants to help enable your organization’s outcome within the life sciences industry. For more information on our services and proficiencies, request more information on our website. To see the unveiling of our rebrand at Nasdaq MarketSite, check out our recent blog post. 

Questions or comments? We welcome your feedback!