Innovation and Risk Mitigation are Priorities for Cell&Co BioServices

At Cell&Co BioServices, a Cryoport Systems company, new product innovations are not adopted without significant testing. Recently our team dedicated 3 months to the creation and certification of a new type of cryogenic freezer technology.

Following a long period of observation, a series of tests and, finally, a validation procedure carried out by the quality department (including Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, and Performance Qualification), the MVE Fusion is now available for safe and secure sample storage at our Clermont-Ferrand facility.

MVE Fusion Tank

This groundbreaking storage tank allows:

Dry storage with a minimum of liquid nitrogen and electricity

The MVE Fusion (@MVE Biological Solutions, a Cryoport company) works as a stand-alone freezer and does not require a continuous liquid nitrogen supply, nor does it need a feed-line to a liquid nitrogen source.

Constant, reliable cold storage in the tank

The Fusion uses MVE’s patented Qdrive cryo-cooler technology to insure consistent conditions. As with our other storage units, dry storage helps reduce the potential of cross contamination by eliminating the liquid nitrogen variable and further protects your sensitive samples.

High quality cryogenic “mirror storage”

This cryogenic freezer allows for identical cryogenic storage of your cell lines at our two sites situated 10km apart.

Our 10+ years’ experience in successfully securing the bio-collections and industrial property of our clients’ materials in extreme cryogenic temperatures, shows that we do not take risks. We believe that innovation is best pursued through careful planning and with a structured quality process. Our priorities include routine temperature stability and low deviation from target temperatures (<5°C for our -80°C over a 10-year period, for example), temperature gradients within storage enclosures, and energy autonomy in the event of power failure before reaching critical temperature thresholds.

Beyond the MVE Fusion, we are exploring the viability of several other new technologies. Cell&Co strives to stay on the leading edge of technological innovation, ensuring the best possible solutions for your samples.

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