Animal health advancement

Supply Chain Solutions for Animal Health Advancement

The future of medicine is an evolving landscape with possibilities not limited to the human population. Medical innovation for the animal health industry, specifically in reference to vaccine research and development, has never been greater for both the companion animal and livestock markets.

As an industry-leading supply chain management partner, Cryoport Systems’ solutions and practices are specifically positioned to grow alongside the industries that we serve. When it comes to the animal health industry, our vast experience and knowledge benefits both animals and the humans that care for them. Here’s a breakdown of the current drive for animal health vaccine innovation, an overview of each market’s unique needs, and how Cryoport Systems is the reliable partner for the supply-chain management of vaccines and biological material.

Advancing Animal Vaccines

The well-being of humans and the overall health of animals often go hand in hand. Whether considering companion animals that fulfill a medical or emotional purpose, or livestock for protein production, there’s a great need to invest in animal medicine to support the health of people. Just over a year ago in March 2022, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) announced that they’d be investing $13 million in the agricultural industry to research novel therapies and prevention strategies specifically to irradicate animal diseases. This investment is just one example of a worldwide push for more research into animal medicine and the creation of life-saving vaccines.

On a global scale, the Animal Health Institute has identified three key areas for expanding vaccine research for the animal health industry. As the industry continues to grow, research within these areas will become more vital to producing healthy livestock and maintaining pet well-being.

  1. mRNA Vaccines – Provides a blueprint for animal immune systems to recognize and fight diseases that can be produced at lower costs and within a few years’ timeframe.
  2. Heat-resistant Vaccines – Has the ability to remain effective at room temperature, which is vital for healthcare reach to tropical and temperate climates.
  3. ‘Custom’ Vaccines – Derived from custom samples from herds to provide farmers with protection tailored to their animals and environment.

Companion Animals and Livestock’s Growing Need

According to Business Wire, the global animal health market size is “expected to reach USD 112.36 billion by 2030, expanding at 8.8% CAGR from 2023 to 2030.” This anticipated market growth will largely be driven by therapeutic innovation and increased investments in animal health research and development.

The companion animal market is growing in a similar direction to the human biopharma world. The need for vaccine research has spurred the U.S. FDA to create the VIP – Veterinary Innovation Program. This program is aimed to support vaccine research and development in the animal health industry by “providing greater certainty in the regulatory process, encouraging development and research, and supporting an efficient and predictable pathway to market for ACTPs and IGAs in animals.”

Similarly, the livestock market has seen a push toward vaccine innovation as the need for healthy livestock is vital to feeding the global population. As stated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, “livestock contributes 40% of the global value of agricultural output and supports the livelihoods and food and nutrition security of almost 1.3 billion people.” Without proper livestock health, an integral part of the world’s agricultural output wouldn’t be possible. Thus, the need for animal health initiatives that support research into animal health is of high importance on a global scale.

Cryoport Systems’ Supply Chain Solutions

As vaccines for the companion animal and livestock markets will forever be a global responsibility, there’s an ever-growing demand for a safe and reliable management solution for these sensitive materials. Cryoport Systems is uniquely positioned to provide the global animal health market with key supply-chain dynamics such as the protection of the valuable commodities being shipped, auditable traceability requirements, and efficiency demands.

Our comprehensive platform of supply chain capabilities ranges from solutions such as:

  • Intelligent logistics – Logistics Management, Condition Monitoring, Customer Support, Shipment Data Report
  • Biostorage – Secure, GMP-compliant, controlled-temperature storage at a variety of temperatures.
  • Consulting Support – Technical resources in engineering, design, and logistics.

These solutions provide a true value proposition for the evolving needs of the animal health market. Cryoport Systems is the only end-to-end supply-chain provider that can guarantee a 99.9999% reduction in external contaminants. We have extensive experience in supporting 652 human clinical trials, and we use that same expertise in safely transporting animal biological material globally.


Whether delivering gene therapies or materials for vaccine research, Cryoport Systems’ supply-chain management capabilities support innovation within the animal health industry. For more information on our support and capabilities, check out our website and our pages on the markets we serve.

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