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IntegriCell™ is a standardized cryopreservation and distribution solution for the global Cell Therapy market. The IntegriCell™ solution combines Cryoport’s global leadership in temperature-controlled supply chain solutions with our domestic and international cryopreservation and storage capabilities.


Cryopreservation Services & Process Development

    • Ready-to-use leukapheresis cryopreservation protocol (RUO)

    • Technology transfer services of clients cryopreservation processes to IntegriCell™ teams

    Customized cryopreservation process development services to meet client needs


The Value We Offer

     • Optimization of cellular viability via cryopreservation within 24 hours postcollection

     Standardization of cryopreservation protocols performed by experienced IntegriCell™ teams

     • Manufacturing slot utilization improved with incorporation of cryopreservation

     Global clinical trial coverage through our US and European footprint


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Who We Serve

    • Cell and Gene Therapy Developers

    • Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO)

    • Clinical Research Organizations (CRO)

    • Hospitals and Academic Programs

    • Leukapheresis Providers







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