Cryoport Systems is proud to announce the launch of new models of Standard Volume Dry Vapor Shippers — CXST1 and CXCB1. 

The new Cryoport Express® shippers will provide even more protection of your valuable commodities with robust packaging and new feature enhancements. Additionally, the Smartpak™ condition monitoring system integrated in the new CXST1 and CXCB1 models accommodates both 4G/LTE and 2G/3G to provide continuous cellular coverage in conjunction with the worldwide sunsetting of the 2G/3G cellular networks. 

For materials that need to be kept at frozen temperatures, trust the most advanced solution available − the signature Cryoport Express® Standard and Combo shippers.



New Key Features & Benefits:

New packaging is constructed with more robust foam to better protect the commodity and equipment by reducing risk from impact of shock events while in the field.

Patent-pending retention band ensures the vapor plug remains secured on the dewar regardless of shipper orientation.

The Smartpak™ condition monitoring system resides in a dedicated foam insert at the top of the shipper for better accessibility and protection of the Smartpak™.

New dedicated location at the top of the shipper for non-temperature sensitive accessories.

Re-introduction of the Combo shipper option. The Combo shipper option provides a designated space and cardboard container for documents and/or materials that need to ship with the cryogenic commodity.




  New Cryoport Express® Standard (CXST1) & Combo (CXCB1) Shippers
Temperature Range: -150°C or colder
Dynamic Holding Time: Up to 10 days
Specimen Chamber: 3.1" (79 mm) diameter, 11.5" (292 mm) depth
Storage Capacity:

13 canes with 5 vial clips

65 cryovials, 2.0 ml or less

2 cryovial boxes with 60 total vials (30 vials per box)


Standard Shipper:                                                            Combo Shipper:
Dry -
22 lb / 10 kg                                                             Dry - 24 lb / 11 kg
Charged -
25 lb / 12 kg                                                    Charged - 27 lb / 13 kg

Outer Box:

Standard Shipper:                                                            Combo Shipper:
14.75" x 14.75" x 26.75"                                                    14.75" x 14.75" x 30"
(374.65 x 374.65 x 679.45 mm)                                       (374.65 x 374.65 x 762 mm)

Product Line Availability:

General Purpose Shippers 

(Advanced Therapy Shipper™ options available by end of Q2 2022)

Download Spec Sheet New Standard Shipper                          New Combo Shipper

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