Cryoport Elite™

Cryoport Systems Elite Ultra Cold Shipper

Next Generation of Temperature-controlled Shipping Systems 

Cryoport Elite™ represents the future of temperature-controlled shipping systems for high-value commodities. These innovative shipping systems are reusable and scientifically engineered to surpass industry hold time standards while incorporating multiple cooling mechanisms to preserve the integrity of each payload.

Cryoport Systems Elite Ultra Cold Shipper

General Purpose Shippers (GP) and Advanced Therapy Shippers™ (ATS)

The Cryoport Elite™ Ultra Cold Shipper is available in both General Purpose and Advanced Therapy Shipper  types. Our Advanced Therapy Shipper (ATS) fleet is designed for the exclusive transportation of  human cell and gene therapies that requires rigorous validation and decontamination protocols.


Cryosphere Shipper

Industry-leading Performance

In addition to innovative design, Cryoport Elite™ shipping systems combine the best features of packaging, informatics, and logistics to deliver superior performance. The Smartpak™ condition monitoring system along with a near real-time temperature monitor display, automated escalation, and 24/7/365 customer assistance plays a crucial role in mitigating risk for the cell and gene industry.