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October 15, 2019

“The past year has seen Cryoport establish multiple collaborations and expansions of its offering,” says a new article in BioPharma-Reporter, “due to the booming cell and gene therapy space and the rising number of temperature-sensitive regenerative medicine in development.”

Cryoport recently signed a three-year partnership with Adaptimmune in order to help optimize manufacturing and supply operations ahead of a planned commercialization, as well as reduce “vein-to-vein" time for patients in clinical trials.  

This year, Cryoport has also established partnerships with CelularityEversana, and Vineti; the company acquired Houston-based biostorage services provider Cryogene in May.  

The promising new partnerships have contributed to an exciting 2019 for Cryoport, which includes a record-breaking Q2 earnings report and the launch of the first-ever line of shippers specifically created for regenerative medicine therapies. 

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