When Failure Isn’t an Option, Trust the Supply Chain Partners with a Proven and Successful Track Record

Mon, Aug 26, 2019 | By Ryan Carpentier, Sr. Director, Business Development, Cryoport

The advances in cell and gene therapy over the last few years have been nothing less than remarkable. The amount of resources being poured into their development is reflected in the large number of new and existing companies aspiring to bring these therapies to market. These treatments, when effective, can dramatically improve -- or even save -- a patient’s life.  With the myriad technical complexities that go into the development of these therapies, drug manufacturers are realizing the importance of the supply chain and the multiple risks involved in logistics. No company wants to face the prospect of failing to get their therapy to the right destination in the right condition.   

Cryoport understands that risk. We treat every shipment as if it’s saving a life and failure isn’t an option. That’s why we have been chosen by sponsors to support more than 400 clinical trials across all phases of development (Phase I, II, and III). In addition, many other companies use our products and services in support of the R&D and pre-clinical efforts. We are the preferred partner for three companies that have approved cell and gene therapies on the commercial market. 

These new medical therapies are very valuable, take weeks to manufacture, and are extremely fragile. They are often irreplaceable and can mean the difference between life and death for patients. Cryoport’s industry-leading solutions provide risk mitigation via its packaging design, real-time monitoring, logistics expertise, and quality assurance processes. We act as an extension of your drug development and delivery programsWhy take the chance with a less established, less reliable provider? 

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