Helping Hospitals Unmask Cancer

Mon, Feb 29, 2016 | By Robert Hariri, M.D., Ph.D., Board of Directors, Cryoport

During the 2016 Super Bowl, New York-Presbyterian Hospital aired a 60-second advertisement, titled “Unmasking a Killer,” highlighting the hospital’s advanced cancer research and treatment. The ad circumvented scientific jargon and, through animation and powerful storytelling, explained the science behind immunotherapy. 

Our bodies produce T-cells that identify and destroy intruders. However, our bodies often don’t recognize cancer at all, which is depicted fittingly in the ad by a wolf in sheep’s wool. New York-Presbyterian, and partners Columbia and Weill Cornell, are working together to develop new immunotherapy treatments that enable T-cells to recognize and destroy cancer. Immunotherapy has already been used successfully to treat lung, kidney, colon and skin cancers. 

Cryoport partners with most of the top biopharmaceutical companies involved in immunotherapies and regenerative medicines that are administered at leading research hospitals and institutions, and currently supports 62 clinical trials in this area of research. By providing secure cryogenic logistics solutions to minimize risks in the distribution of critical materials, Cryoport enables doctors and scientists to continue to advance cancer research and safely deliver life-saving therapies to thousands of patients all over the world. Through industry-leading technology and expertise, Cryoport is dedicated to delivering safe and reliable end-to-end cryogenic logistics to give scientists and researchers, like those at New-York Presbyterian, confidence that these developmental therapeutics will be handled with extreme care, so they can focus on what really matters: the patients.

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