Introducing Cryoport BioServices: Providing a Stronger, Smarter Supply Chain Worldwide

Wed, Sep 08, 2021 | By Rob Jones, Vice President of Global BioServices

One of the challenges facing the cell and gene therapy industry, as it grows and matures, is the development of robust supply chains to support the increase in clinical trials and the commercialization of new therapies on a global basis. Companies developing these new therapies need commercial partners to help support the scale up of manufacturing and delivery to patients across the world. The current infrastructure for controlled temperature storage, packaging and distribution of advanced therapies is widely regarded as insufficient. This is where Cryoport BioServices can help with the introduction of its new Global Supply Chain Centers.



Widely regarded as the world leaders of critical temperature-controlled logistics solutions for the life sciences industry, Cryoport Systems is now expanding its range of supply chain services to include bioservices. Cryoport BioServices will provide controlled temperature GMP-compliant storage and fulfilment, secondary packaging / labeling, and kit production alongside our renowned temperature-controlled logistics capabilities – all under one roof, at our new Global Supply Chain Centers.

Our new Global Supply Chain Centers will provide complete traceability with end-to-end chain of identity, chain of custody, chain of condition and Chain of Compliance®. Shipments will be tracked and traced to and from our Global Supply Chain Centers via our Cryoportal®, Smartpak II® & Live View. Once the commodity arrives at our Global Supply Chain Centers, the material will then be managed through our advanced inventory management systems. To date, there is no infrastructure set up like this anywhere in the world. Our network of Global Supply Chain Centers will truly be setting the standard for advanced therapy supply chain management.

We will be deploying our new Global Supply Chain Centers around the world – starting at two US locations in Houston, TX and Morris Plains, NJ.  

In this first BioServices blog post, we shall focus on our new Houston facility. With its central geographic location and strong network of logistical and distribution channels, Houston is an ideal hub for companies that need national or international distribution for their critical products and expedited shipping of biological materials.

Explore our Houston Global Supply Chain Center with this animated tour:


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Our new facility is situated in the Metropolitan area, just south of the city, near the Texas Medical Center campus in an ideal location to serve local, domestic, and international clients. This state-of-the-art facility will have the latest technologies and employ experienced staff to ensure the highest quality and compliant services to support clinical and commercial advanced therapy programs. The building covers approximately 21,000 square feet and will house cutting edge equipment, systems, and processes to ensure GMP-compliant storage and fulfilment of critical materials. It is located right next to the facility of our sister company, Cryogene, that has been providing high-class biostorage and biological specimen management to the life science research community in the Houston area for over 15 years.

The buildout is progressing well in Texas and New Jersey, we are currently on track to complete construction by the end of year and shall be audit-ready soon afterwards. Both locations will initially provide GMP-compliant storage, followed soon after by secondary packaging, labeling and kitting services.  

While we are working towards the opening of these facilities, we are also planning other locations for additional Global Supply Chain Centers in the near future. Stay tuned for our next BioServices update where we will feature our Morris Plains Global Supply Chain Center. In the meantime, click on the link below for more information on Cryoport BioServices:

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