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Thu, Oct 19, 2017 | By Allie Gerber, Marketing Manager, Cryoport

Cryoport is the leader in cryogenic and cold chain logistics solutions for the life sciences industry with their wide variety of Cryoport Express® dry vapor shippers, unparalleled informatics and global logistics expertise. The company has now expanded their profile with the launch of their ‘Cryoport. Certified. Cool.’ C3™ 2-8°C solution, which now gives the company complete capabilities to support the entire logistics continuum for regenerative medicine programs, specifically CAR-T therapies, and other temperature-controlled biologics or clinical materials.  

Novartis’ FDA-approval of Kymriah and Kite’s FDA-approval of Yescarta set the stage for many more CAR-T approvals. These innovative Autologous Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell (CAR-T) therapies are specifically manufactured for each individual patient and require comprehensive and challenging logistics. The moving of patient cells requires strict chain of custody and chain of condition at different and exacting temperatures. The process involves extracting a patient’s cells and shipping them inbound, at either 2-8°C or cryogenically, to the manufacturer. At the manufacturing facility, the cells are then reprogrammed to recognize and fight cancer cells. Once the modified CAR-T cells go through strict quality testing, they are shipped, cryogenically, outbound back to the patient for infusion.

With Cryoport’s C3™ solution, pharmaceutical companies can leverage the company’s logistics solutions to manage not only their cryogenic shipments but also their critical 2-8°C shipments. Moreover, immunotherapy companies can entrust Cryoport to support their entire needle-to-needle CAR-T therapy programs with the safe and secure transport of patients’ cells—both to and from the manufacturer. Through Cryoport’s superior quality assurance and control, real-time monitoring, global logistics expertise and scientifically-enhanced shippers, pharmaceutical companies can rely on Cryoport’s cold chain logistics solutions to help bring these advanced therapies to market.

Cryoport’s industry-leading logistics solution includes the Smartpak II™ condition monitoring system and the Cryoportal™ logistics management platform, which work in conjunction to provide complete visibility of the location and the most crucial aspects of the condition of the temperature-sensitive materials. The Smartpak II™ and Cryoportal™ provide unsurpassed analytics for planning, enroute mitigation and reporting. This single integrated data stream consolidates all logistics, communications, condition monitoring, and equipment qualification data for every shipment. The cloud-based dashboard streamlines the management of supply chains to help companies make informed decisions about shipping routes, carriers and distribution points. Cryoport’s logistics solutions also include round-the-clock client support to track shipments and mitigate risk with automated escalation.

Cryoport’s unparalleled informatics and scientifically-designed shippers paired with their cold chain logistics expertise and 24/7/365 client support truly make Cryoport the end-to-end cold chain logistics partner the life science industry trusts.

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