Cryoport Systems & CRYOPDP Synergies Provide Integrated and Flexible Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain Solutions for the Life Sciences

Mon, Dec 06, 2021 | By Dave Wilson, Vice President EMEA

Biotech companies continue to innovate cutting-edge therapeutics, and the companies that support their efforts continue to strive for best practices as these new therapies advance and evolve. In the field of advanced therapy logistics, a risk-averse culture with a zero-failure tolerance mindset sits at the heart of innovative thinking and a dedication to always improving.

As the industry around cell and gene therapy solutions grows, logistics service providers are becoming directly connected to the patients. The hope supplied by these new advanced therapies rely completely on a complex process supply chain upon which every link in the chain must hold strong.

For the temperature-controlled supply chains supporting personalized therapies, Cryoport, Inc. is dedicated to a continuous improvement program that advances with the therapies as they develop and progress. In October of 2020, Cryoport, Inc. acquired CRYOPDP – one of the market leaders in premium transport and temperature-controlled logistics solutions dedicated to the Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical and Cell & Gene Therapy Communities with over 25 years of experience and a global presence in more than 220 countries. CRYOPDP significantly expanded Cryoport Inc.’s global network, particularly in Europe and APAC, which puts Cryoport, Inc. closer to Cell and Gene Therapy manufacturing facilities and to the patients in need of care. Furthermore, CRYOPDP provides preeminent complementary synergies with Cryoport Systems in capabilities and infrastructure, not only from a geographic point of view but as well as service and product support standpoint operating the full range of temperature controlled transport solutions from Cryogenic to 15°C-25°C.

Together, Cryoport Systems and CRYOPDP offer integrated and flexible end-to-end solutions that provide full supply chain transparency and traceability by systematically addressing the challenges unique to advanced therapy logistics. From supporting clinical trials to commercially approved therapies, Cryoport Systems and CRYOPDP, together, deliver a Chain of Compliance® that measures and records performance every step of the way.

This union, with unmatched experience supporting the Life Sciences, joins together links in the supply chain that, until now, had been supported by networks of individual companies with combinations of operational competencies that add layers of complexity that enhance risk.

Most recently, Cellenkos – a clinical-stage biotechnology company – selected Cryoport, Inc. to provide a staged, on-demand logistics solution for COVID-19 therapy shipments for patients in need. Working together, Cryoport Systems and CRYOPDP provide the highest possible available level of tracking and proactive management for the therapies, including continuous monitoring of each step from scheduling, collection, confirming courier pickups/deliveries, and monitoring transport. With the companies working together, we are able to deliver flexible and custom supply chain support for the various stages of Cellenkos’ therapy shipments.

As the scientific and life science community continues to innovate in delivering new advanced therapies, the companies that support them must continually improve as well. Cryoport, Inc. acquired CRYOPDP to be able to meet the global demand of the cell and gene industry and to ensure that patients continue to receive their therapies as fast and as safely as possible.

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