Forbes Honors Cryoport, Inc. on 2021 ‘100 Best Small Companies’ List

Mon, Jan 11, 2021 | By Cryoport Team

2020 was an incredible year of growth for Cryoport, Inc. The acquisitions of CRYOPDP and MVE Biological Solutions dramatically increased our global network and capabilities, and we achieved a new record of supporting over 500 clinical trials worldwide. During a calamitous year in which the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted supply chains all over the planet, we provided continuous steadfast service to our customers, including our support for 26 COVID-19 vaccine trials.

 So we were honored to learn Forbes named Cryoport, Inc. to its 2021 100 Best Small Companies list. Forbes selects companies based on their “earnings and sales growth for the last 12 months and over 5 years, one-year and 5-year return on equity and 52-week total return.” Cryoport was listed at #63. 

See Forbes 2021 100 Best Small Companies  

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