Transportation Safety: Same and Different Across Countries

Wed, Oct 03, 2018

With today’s research collaboration, supply chain distribution, clinical and commercial programs spanning across continents, it is essential for pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies to safely ship cryogenic and temperature-controlled bio-specimen and therapies across countries or oceans, so they can leverage the entire value chain to conduct pioneering research or treat illnesses.

Often my clients ask me the question, I have been shipping my temperature-controlled specimen from country A to country B without any problem, can I do the same from country B to A. 

The answer is often, yes and no.

Successful temperature-controlled or cryogenic shipping really depends on how the two countries set definitions and compliance standards for the transportation safety of biologic material.  Different countries may have different regulations on different categories of biomaterials.  They may also have different safety tests and certification methods encoded in their import and export laws.  It may not be even possible for a logistics company to book cargo space on the same airline in country B, if the authority there set such regulations differently.  This can be true despite the fact that the same specimen arrived and cleared customs upon arrival in country B.

import and export

That is the reason that in cold chain shipping globally, it is vital to work with a company that has years of track record in understanding and managing such compliance requirements, such as Cryoport. 

Every country has unique regulations and different documentation needed for shipments. Knowing exactly what is required is essential to getting your shipment where it needs to go without delays. Cryoport’s team of experts and logistics platform work seamlessly to simplify compliance around the world.

Written by: Nathan Dai, Senior Director, Business Development, Cryoport 

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