The Future of Life Sciences Supply Chain Industry: 4G/5G Network Technology Adoption

October 08, 2021

Logistics & Transportation Review features Cryoport Systems' Chief Operating Officer, Phil Wilson, on a critical and transparent conversation of technology changes coming up on active shipment monitoring in the life sciences supply chain industry and what Cryoport is doing to stay ahead of the curve.

In February 2022, 2G/3G networks are sunsetting in the United States and transitioning to only leveraging 4G/5G networks. Other countries and regions will continue to leverage 2G/3G networks and will decommission them at different rates. As networks continue to decommission 2G/3G globally, technology challenges relating to capacity and connectivity will impact all carrier services as well as packaging technology providers.

Read the full article to understand the impact this transition will have on the life sciences supply chain, how this change can ultimately resolve current supply chain issues, and precautions to take when adopting 5G-enabled technologies.

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