Cryoport, Inc. By The Numbers: A Year of Record Expansion in 2020

Mon, Nov 30, 2020 | By Ryan Carpentier, Global Vice President -- Business Development, Cryoport Systems

The events of 2020 put unprecedented pressures on the pharmaceutical and logistics industries. As the pandemic lobbed one challenge after the next – cancelled flights, limited flight cargo space, waves of international and domestic lockdowns – supply chains all over the world were thrown out of whack.  Cryoport managed to do more than survive through this calamity: the company thrived, acquiring CRYOPDP and MVE Biological Solutions to expand its global network of locations and capabilities. 

Cryoport, Inc.’s expanded corporate umbrella is a marker of our improved ability to support customers and patients around the world. This was especially apparent as the company pivoted to provide support for the development of 26 clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine and treatment candidates.  

So in the spirit of making it through an unusually challenging year, we are celebrating 2020 by the numbers:  

517 Clinical Trials  

Cryoport, Inc. and its subsidiaries are providing the logistics services for more than 500 clinical trials around the world. 

26 COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Clinical Trials 

Cryoport’s services are supporting the development of 26 clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines. “In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, we are highly confident we will be a part of the global solution,” said Cryoport, Inc. CEO Jerrell Shelton. 

4 Commercial Therapies 

Cryoport is now supporting 4 commercial therapies: Gilead Sciences’ YESCARTA® and TECARTUS™, bluebird bio’s ZYNTEGLO® and Novartis’ KYMRIAH®. 

7 Customer-Supported Therapies That Have Filed for Regulatory Approval 

Cryport’s customers continue to make progress as evidenced by their filings for commercial approval of their therapies in 2020. 

21 Customer-Supported Therapies That Are Expected to File for Approval in 2021 

The momentum is expected to continue as we are forecasting a record number of commercial filings in 2021. 

4 Companies Under the Cryoport, Inc. Umbrella Providing the Largest Shipper Fleet in the Life Sciences Industry  

Cryoport, Inc. now encompasses CRYOGENE, CRYOPDP, MVE Biological Solutions, and Cryoport Systems. Last year’s CRYOGENE acquisition allows Cryoport, Inc. to provide long-term storage of biomaterials. The acquisitions of CRYOPDP and MVE on October 1st2020 provides increased global location access, expanded temperature band support, and the world's largest manufacturer of cryogenic equipment. The recent acquisitions also position Cryoport, Inc. as the life sciences industry's largest provider of cryogenic shippers.

27 Global Logistics Center Locations Worldwide Under the Cryoport, Inc. Network  

The addition of CRYOPDP greatly expanded Cryoport’s global network, increasing our ability to reach more patients and clinical trial locations in less time. 

ISO 21973 and 9001: Critical Certification and Compliance 

Cryoport recently achieved certification for ISO 9001:2015, providing a third party’s validation of our exceptional level of quality and organizational discipline. The ISO, formally the International Organization of Standards, has published over 23,000 guidelines created by 800 technical committees worldwide. An ISO certification is proof that the organization meets or exceeds a set of global standards defined by international experts. 

Cryoport’s experts also consulted on this year’s release of ISO 21973:2020, the first set of standards for the safe transportation of cell and gene therapies.  

Not only can we offer steadfast dedication to our clients, we can do so with more resources than ever before. We extend gratitude for our clients who trust us to provide unparalleled, world-class supply chain support, and we congratulate them on surmounting the challenges of this unprecedented year. 

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