Growing with Our Clients: New Cryoport Innovations Help Support Commercial Gene Therapies and Nearly 400 Clinical Trials

Mon, Jul 08, 2019 | By Kirk Randall, Senior Director, Business Development, Cryoport

We’re proud to provide global support for the first-ever commercial CART-T therapies, produced by our clients Kite (Gilead) and Novartis, as well as bluebird bio’s recently approved gene therapy. We're equally proud to support more than 380 clinical trials in the regenerative medicine field across the globe.  In order to provide excellent services on such a large scale, Cryoport's technical and operational teams have been dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. We have added new services, partnerships, and technologies to support our clients’ efforts to bring these valuable and often lifesaving products to patients around the world.   
We recently added logistics centers in strategic locations in New Jersey and the Netherlands. Cryoport also acquired Cryogene, a bio-storage facility in Houston, to broaden our offerings and to further support the demands of our clients in the regenerative medicine space.  
In addition to these efforts, we have entered into strategic agreements with several partners, including:  

  • Be The Match – The partnership is designed to deliver end-to-end supply chain services to the cell and gene therapy industry. The collaboration will support both organizations’ efforts to standardize critical elements of the cell therapy supply chain, as well as processes in apheresis and transplant center networks. 
  • McKesson Specialty Health – McKesson Specialty Health, a division of McKesson Corporation, works together with stakeholders across the healthcare delivery system to preserve and strengthen specialty care through innovative provider, practice management, biopharma and payer solutions. 
  • World Courier – Both organizations will utilize full access to each other's product lines and distribution network to better support our regenerative medicine clientele 

In the next six months, our industry-leading technology will evolve to provide even better services. This includes the first significant updates to the industry in many years— stay tuned!  
At Cryoport, we are listening. We are constantly updating and improving our services, technologies, and operations to meet our client’s goals of delivering life-saving and life-changing therapies to patients.   

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