Are You Securing “Smooth” Compliant Movement of Your Biological Materials?

Wed, Sep 12, 2018 | By Soren H. Knudsen, Commercial Director, EMEA, Cryoport

Moving time and temperature sensitive biological materials “smoothly” across the globe, from A to B, is and requires more than “just” acquiring compliant packaging material and booking a carrier… While this may seem logic, how are you ensuring visibility to the Chain of Custody, Chain of Condition and more importantly Chain of Compliance™ for your shipment?

In the same way science is required behind developing a new drug, science is required behind logistics, to develop and implement a compliant logistic solution for the secure transport of your temperature controlled biological materials. To understand and simplify the complexity of Cold Chain Logistics and Cryogenic Logistics, Cryoport provides a fully integrated approach, centered around four pillars:

  • Packaging
    • Equipment and technology designed and manufactured specifically for the task
  • Condition Monitoring
    • Processes, real-time informatics and systems that eliminate risk of temperature excursions; including intervention capabilities
  • Information Technology
    • Ensuring the most advanced Logistic Management Platform (Cryoportal™) for fast order entry, condition monitoring and customs paperwork
  • Logistic Expertise
    • Flawlessly execute defined Standard Operating Procedures, knowledgeable, action oriented and extensively trained to take appropriate action, 24/7/365.

At Cryoport, we understand the complexity of the regenerative medicine field, supporting more than 200 clinical trials globally. We deploy state of the art Condition Monitoring Systems such as the SmartPakII™ which - in conjunction with our CryoPortal™ logistics management platform - provides you with real-time reporting on your shipments, integrating condition monitoring, logistics and shipper qualification performance in a single data stream. Parameters such as Location; Temperature; Pressure; Light; Orientation; Humidity and Shock are monitored, real-time, to ensure industry compliance and safe movement of your biological material.

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Written by: Soren H. Knudsen, Commercial Director, EMEA, Cryoport 

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