Shipping Validations are Common Shipping New Pharmaceutical Products - But Who ‘Validates’ the Carriers? Cryoport Can!

Thu, Mar 07, 2019 | By Kirk Randall, Senior Director, Business Development, Cryoport

In choosing a logistics provider and important factor is to find someone who is carrier agnostic. So what does that mean? It means the solution provider is able to use, and track the performance of, each carrier. No one carrier performs at peak levels in all shipping lanes. An IT solution that tracks, by shipping lane, the cost, on-time performance, damage events, what product was being carried and more should be available.

A pharma/biotech company needs to be able pick the optimal carrier for each leg of shipment to ensure the best delivery performance and product protection to the end user.  This carrier performance data collection is a key part of the IT solution the logistics solution provider provides to the vaccine supplier/manufacturer for consideration in carrier choice. The ability to make shipping decisions in this manner allows for best practices in delivery to clients and reduce costs, not only in initial decision making, but on an ongoing basis.  This constant ability to refine logistics lends the best value to all involved.  Cryoport’s Cryoportal® Logistics Management Platform can do this for you.

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Overall logistics expertise and the ability to coordinate with multiple types of shipping partners
In evaluating a possible logistics services partner, one should think carefully on their level of experience in worldwide shipping logistics.  As mentioned earlier this includes having a carrier agnostic philosophy to be impartial in recommending carriers, but this is only part of the solution.  Other key factors to be considered in making a provider include, but are not limited to:

  • Experience with various different temperature-controlled products
  • Number of countries where they have experience shipping temperature-controlled products
  • Individual lane performance data and reporting by location and carrier
  • Considerable experience with variety of dewar types in order to help choose optimal shipper for different shipping lane challenges
  • Strong operational relationships with all major carrier options. This can be critical when transit intervention is needed for customs delays, shipper integrity issues etc.

Once again a strong IT solution to track performance of carriers and integrate with their systems is key.  This allows the chosen logistics provider to serve in a truly consultative role with the vaccine manufacturer, both initially and dynamically throughout the relationship.  Choosing a logistics provider with a long and varied experience with cryogenic products and a robust IT infrastructure will lend the greatest value to the therapeutic manufacturer.

The Cryoportal® has been gathering this data for more than seven years.  With over 200,000 legs of shipments to over 115 countries, the Cryoportal® is a massive life science shipment database that has recorded in it all major shipping integrators and specialty couriers that Cryoport has ever used in assisting our clients with life science shipments including CAR-T therapies, animal health vaccines, reproductive materials and more. This powerful data can assist you in choosing which carrier and or couriers to use for your precious life-saving therapies and help ensure you are making the best decision for your transportation partners.  Let Cryoport’s consulting team work with you  in your supply chain development to empower you with unbiased and unequaled data on logistics providers carrying your type of therapy in your decision making process.  Using this provided shipping lane analysis, Cryoport is again helping you bring life-saving products to patients around the world.

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Written by: Kirk Randall, Senior Director, Business Development, Cryoport   

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